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time lapses, windy evenings, mellow sunlight, postcards, friendly dogs, alice in wonderland, old typewriters, old cameras, boats, old wise men, meandering aimlessly
i also suffer from inexplicable bouts of laziness and high levels of internet fatigue...

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As I mourned by the sea, two images came to mind, watermarking the paper- colored sky. The first was the face of his wife, Laurie. She was his mirror; in her eyes you can see his kindness, sincerity, and empathy. The second was the “great big clipper ship” that he longed to board, from the lyrics of his masterpiece, “Heroin.” I envisioned it waiting for him beneath the constellation formed by the souls of the poets he so wished to join. Before I slept, I searched for the significance of the date—October 27th—and found it to be the birthday of both Dylan Thomas and Sylvia Plath. Lou had chosen the perfect day to set sail—the day of poets, on Sunday morning, the world behind him.

Patti Smith's beautiful tribute to Lou Reed. Pair with Smith’s poetic remembrance of Robert Mapplethorpe, then celebrate Reed’s legacy with a "Sunday Morning" literary jukebox. (via explore-blog)

The bio of a jazz musician traditionally goes like this:

  1. Achieve complete mastery … over a period of about 50 years
  2. Forget it all and be one with the universe
  3. Profit

500 years ago, or even 50 years ago, this was a totally reasonable approach. The problem with this formula nowadays is that the world completely flips on its head every one or two years, especially in [creative field]. So we need to revise the schedule:

  1. Achieve complete mastery
  2. Lunch
  3. Be one with the universe and the people on your afternoon call
  4. Resume complete mastery

In his short and excellent Creative Mornings talk, jazz-musician-turned-iOS-developer Larry Legend considers the evolving requirements of genius. Full video below: 

(via explore-blog)

Teju Cole (tejucole) on Twitter 

Teju Cole is my current celebrity crush…not that I’ve had one for long. But the man is brilliant with words, humble, funny and has a point of view…

Jodorowsky AND Dune! Whoa…

cochin in the rains on Flickr.

cochin in the rains on Flickr.

It is that time of the year…The rains will soon hit the coasts at home and I only sit here and wish that I could sit idle and watch it come, in all its magnificent fury and power and beauty!

The sea needs no words…

A stormy evening on the beach in Gili Trawangan. 

A welcome respite from the heat…


Carl Sagan is my hero.

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"Great Ideas, then, don’t merely easily please us with their immediate utility — often, they break our hearts with desperate futility; with both the aching impossibility and sure inevitability of the trials and tests of human life. But that’s precisely what makes them Great."- Umair Haque
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